A girl, a deer and… what’s love?

A traumatic childhood, domestic violence and tensions all feature in Francesco Jost’s Deer Girl. The Italian-Swiss movie was filmed in and around Fortezza

Discovering South Tyrol: IDM’s Location Scouting Program

Munich-based production company “Lieblingsfilm” took part in IDM’s Location Scouting Programme and went on a tour of South Tyrol between 7 and 9 August. The aim? To find new locations for their future project.

Cameras are Rolling in Summer

Cameras have started rolling for a summer of principal photography in South Tyrol/Südtirol. There are some interesting – and large-scale! – projects waiting in the wings for us: family films and dramas, documentaries, and short films.

Second call of the year: Seven film projects featuring a lot of green shooting

Three feature films, two short films, and two documentaries were approved for funding during the second 2022 call. The total funding volume amounts to 1,281,000.00 EUR. Six of these projects are from South Tyrol/Südtirol–Italy and one is from Germany – most of them are realised as co-productions and pursue green shooting methods.

RACCONTI Script Lab: Behind the Scenes

Why take part in the IDM script lab? That is the question we asked the participants of RACCONTI #10. During our interview, they told us how the exchange with experts and other teams drives the development of a script – and how it shapes the collaboration between the writer/director and the producer.

Au revoir, Cannes

The IDM Film Commission was delighted to return to the Côte d’Azur for the 75th edition of the international Festival de Cannes. We enjoyed several jam-packed days of exciting events, catching up with colleagues and making new contacts. As the festival draws to a close, we look back at some of our highlights.

The Platform Gold Rush

In the race for subscribers, local content is the most valuable gold nugget for an increasing number of platforms. So, what are their strategies? And what are the consequences for European producers and funding bodies? The new TAKE Dossier provides some answers

Festival de Cannes 2022: Meet Us on the French Riviera

From 20 to 24 May, the IDM Film Commission will be at the 75th edition of the Festival de Cannes, presenting the IDM script lab RACCONTI at the Italian Pavilion on 23 May as well as a networking event between Italian and Baltic producers together with CNA, AGICI, and Meeting Point Vilnius.

INCONTRI #11: Issues for the Future and Animated Discussions

Streaming and funding strategies, high-end shows, and co-productions: from 26 to 29 April, about 100 decision makers in the film industry met in Meran/Merano for some networking and discussions about current and future challenges. INCONTRI #11 in retrospect

And action! IDM’s film conference is back live and in person

Yesterday evening marked the opening night of the eleventh edition of IDM’s INCONTRI film conference, which will bring together industry experts at the Meran/Merano Kurhaus on the banks of the Passer river until April 29th, 2022.

“We’re Taking Care of the Periphery”

An interview with Birgit Oberkofler about what’s new with the IDM Film Commission, digitalization, and the last two years

Call 1/2022: 13 Very Different Projects Shooting in South Tyrol/Südtirol

A crime series, six feature films, four documentaries, and two short films will receive support in their production or pre-production activities from the South Tyrolean Film Fund and Commission as part of the first 2022 call.