IDM Scouting – Program

A long-term goal of IDM Film Commission is to strengthen the local audiovisual sector and to promote South Tyrol as a film location in order to contribute to the macroeconomic value of the territory. With the aim of achieving these goals and empowering the local film industry, IDM offers support to film and TV productions that wish to learn more about the potential of the area. This call for applications offers a scouting session through the consulting and participation of a local professional during the location tour (max. duration of three days). Please note that IDM bears any costs related to the local location scout only. The production company must cover their own expenses for board and transportation. It is also possible to arrange an online consulting with local location scouts who will be in charge of conducting a research on the territory.


1. Who can apply?

Production companies, or executive producers, with feature-length fiction projects or series in the pre-production phase that regard South Tyrol as a potential filming location, may apply for the IDM scouting sessions. Short films, documentaries or commercials are not allowed. The project type must be among those eligible for support from the provincial fund. To this end, please refer to the Production Funding Fact sheet.

Please note: should a production company decide to apply for a grant from the provincial fund after participating in a scouting session, participation in the latter does not in any way guarantee a positive outcome of the grant application. Furthermore, production companies that have received development and pre-production support from IDM or have already advantage of the IDM Scouting program in 2021 and 2022 are not eligible for further applications.

2. Required application documents

  • The completed application form for funding
  • A company description with detailed filmography
  • Synopsis
  • A moodboard indicating the environments on which to focus research in the territory
  • Project's budget
  • If the applicant works as executive producer for the production, a document which demonstrates his/her involvement in this role in the project

3. When is it possible to apply?

You can submit your application up to no later than December 1st, 2023 in order to participate in a scouting session by December 31st, 2023. If, for whatever reason, the production receiving the scouting will not be able to carry it out within the deadline, they will lose the support for the scouting service provided by IDM and will be asked to re-apply for it, if interested.
All application materials must be sent via the online application form.

4. Selection process

After reviewing and assessing the application material, IDM will decide whether or not to support the project with scouting services and the length of the service itself.
Upon positive outcome the recruitment process for a Location Scout may begin. A list of local professionals is already available in IDM’ Directory.

5. Adoption criteria for the selection of a project

IDM reserves the right to verify and evaluate all applications received.

The evaluation will be carried out in two stages:

  1. Formal verification of application material: completeness of all documents and fulfilment of all requirements.
  2. Selection of the candidate: IDM reserves the right to decide whether or not to award the production company the free scouting service based on its potential to boost the strategic development of South Tyrol as a film location.


The evaluation will be made on the basis of the submitted documents. The following are considered in the evaluation:

  • Experience and knowledge of South Tyrol (preference will be given to applications from production companies that have never filmed in South Tyrol)
  • Feasibility and congruence of the request with the territory
  • Financial soundness of the production company
  • Lack of the requested location in the database of IDM

6. Final meeting

The success of the scouting session is in IDM’s best interest. For this reason, a meeting at the end of the scouting is requested for feedback.



Maria Dissegna

Film Location