Location Development

Conscious territorial development

IDM Film Commission is committed to the development of the local film industry to make sure it can meet the needs of the national and international audio-visual sector.

Apart from funding for film and TV productions, our Location Development Department also offers local filmmakers a variety of training and development opportunities, making them fit to work on top-quality projects in South Tyrol.

In addition to this, we regularly organize sector-based events to facilitate networking between the local film industry and the national and international ones, with a particular focus on the Italian, German, Austrian, and Swiss film industries.



About 70 prominent figures from the film and television industry meet each year at INCONTRI in South Tyrol for a transnational dialogue. Since 2011, this Film Conference, organised by IDM, has been building bridges between Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

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RACCONTI is IDM’s script development programme aimed specifically at screenwriters working in the Italian and German-speaking markets.
Its flagship is the RACCONTI | IDM Script Lab: a script development program and advanced training initiative in English for professional screenwriters who are looking to develop projects and refine their skills with the help of international experts and in creative collaboration with colleagues from other countries.

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MOV!E IT! is a platform for high-quality training and development in the audio-visual sector. For more information on the ample opportunities to receive further education and training in almost all areas of the film industry, click below.

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Renate Ranzi

Coordinator Film Location

Jasmin Schenk Vitale

Film Location

Maria Dissegna

Film Location

Fatima El Hajjaji

PR & Film Location