South Tyrolean Film Fund

Since 2010, the South Tyrolean IDM Film Fund & Commission has been active as a financing and service partner for film productions. It aims to make South Tyrol known as a production location and to support film projects that are realized in South Tyrol, either in whole or in part. The orientation is above all an economic one: Film funding is intended to stimulate investments in the region that contribute to the development of the film infrastructure.

Due to the geographical location and bilingualism of the country, the South Tyrolean Film Fund looks beyond borders and acts as an interface between the film markets of Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. Therefore, a particular focus lies in the promotion of co-productions between these countries.


Birgit Oberkofler

Head of Film Fund & Commission

Renate Ranzi

Head of Film Location Development & Creative Industries

Eva Perwanger

Film Funding Consultant

Beatrix Dalsass

Film Funding Consultant

Marcello Beato

Film Funding Consultant

Barbara Weithaler

PR and Film Location Development Manager
Parental Leave

Alessia De Paoli

PR and Film Location Development Manager

Sophy Pizzinini

Film Location Development Manager

Magdalena Zöschg

PR and Film Location Development Manager

Luisa Giuliani

Film Commissioner