Development and pre-production funding

This type of funding is made available to support preparatory measures taken prior to shooting a film, such as project development and pre-production work. IDM supports projects during the development stage by covering up to 70% of costs.

IDM only grants this type of funding to projects which have a cultural link to South Tyrol and/or involve the region in some way during production. This can be achieved through the subject matter of the film or the screenwriter, director or other film professionals involved.

Photo: Der Mann aus dem Eis

Two-step funding

Support for screenplay development and pre-production work

In exceptional cases, the IDM Film Fund grants development funding to projects which do not have a complete screenplay at the time of submitting the funding application. In these circumstances, the funding will be divided into two steps: the first for completing the screenplay and the second for further development and pre-production work. The funding for the first step is, however, no guarantee that further funds will be granted for the second step.



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Film Funding