Green shooting

Sustainable Filming in South Tyrol

Its mountain backdrops, medieval towns, lakes and forests make South Tyrol the perfect setting for film productions. In order to safeguard the region’s high quality as a place in which to live and work, it is necessary to foster sustainability in South Tyrol with regard to film shoots as well.
One important step towards ensuring sustainable film productions in South Tyrol was realised with the introduction of the Green Shooting Certificate. Film productions can accumulate points in seven categories ranging from transport to waste disposal.

Illustration: Oscar Odd Diodoro

In order to apply for the certificate, the production team must submit the Green Shooting Checklist along with the application for funding. The Checklist is used to explain which measures are planned to make the film shoot in South Tyrol a more environmentally friendly process. Furthermore, a Green Consultant must be involved in the project early on, starting in the project’s preparation phase. They will support the film team in its efforts to plan and fulfil the criteria. An independent review body will check compliance with the measures and award points accordingly. Once a production accumulates the required minimum number of points, it is awarded the Green Shooting Certificate by the Department for Environmental and Climate Protection (Landesagentur für Umwelt und Klimaschutz/Agenzia provincial per l’ambiente e la tutela del clima) of the Province of Bozen/Bolzano – South Tyrol upon completion of the project.

Detailed information about the certification process, the checks and the exact criteria is provided in the Green Shooting Guideline, which is available to download.


In order to give Green Consultants a concrete overview of the CO₂ consumption of film and TV productions, we provide a CO₂ calculator that has specifically been adapted to the South Tyrolean parameters. The calculator will record individual projects to measure their ecological footprint and identify potential ways to save energy.

Further measures to make South Tyrol a sustainable filming location

In order to ensure the Green Shooting initiative is built on a strong foundation, IDM is taking additional steps. We offer workshops on Green Shooting and training courses for Green Consultants. Furthermore, IDM is a member of the European CineRegio network and of its working group, GreenRegio, the objective of which is to raise awareness about environmentally friendly film productions and promote the exchange of expert knowledge.


Renate Ranzi

Coordinator Film Location