How does it works

Funding opportunities, conditions, and deadlines

IDM grants funding based on cultural, content-related, and economic evaluation criteria following the model of other European funds. The Commission particularly appreciates applications which present an investment in the region. Indeed, each project is required to yield a regional effect of at least 150 % of the allocated funding.

IDM makes available an annual fund of 4 million euros to applicants, holding three calls for applications a year. Funding requests may be submitted via the IDM online portal only. Funds are not subject to repayment and are granted to successful applicants in several instalments.

Any producer may file an application regardless of where their company is based. In case of co-productions, the major partner usually applies, unless an Italian company is involved: in that case, the Italian partner must submit the application. In case of a national or international co-production which includes at least one South Tyrolean partner, the application must be submitted by the South Tyrolean company.

Photo: Das Wunder von Wörgl