Refine your skills, find your peers, build your network, write your story.

Under the label RACCONTI, IDM runs a script development programme aimed at international screenwriters and producers. The aim of RACCONTI is to train and network talents who want to write stories beyond the borders of their national markets. As a training initiative itself, RACCONTI is rooted in an area that takes special account of its own cultural diversity.

RACCONTI | Script Lab

RACCONTI | IDM Script Lab is an exclusive script-writing laboratory, designed to develop only four projects with a high production potential. This very selective and restricted environment enables participants to explore new approaches to storytelling with the support of high-profile international experts, chosen on the basis of the specificity of each project.

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The IDM alumni network offers participants of past RACCONTI programs the possibility of staying connected – not only amongst themselves but also to IDM. It has been conceived as a platform for exchanging experiences, presenting new projects and sharing news.



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Over the years, industry experts from all over the world have supported RACCONTI Script Lab participants throughout the development of their projects. Among them, you will find screenwriters and producers, as well as production designers, pitching trainers, audience designers and many others: thanks to their suggestions, new points of view and creative stimuli, our RACCONTI Script Lab participants take their projects to the next level.


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Renate Ranzi

Coordinator Film Location