3 questions for … Eszter Angyalosy, Script Tutor

When it comes to challenges, Eszter Angyalosy definitely knows her stuff. A screenwriter, story editor, and writing tutor, Hungarian national Angyalosy started her career at a publishing house. Since 2020, she has acted as a Script Tutor for the IDM Script Lab RACCONTI – a role she will fill for the last time in 2023. Angyalosy has sat down with TAKE to speak about creativity and the shape of success.

“Making this film was a very emotional process.”

An interview with director Lukas Ladner about his film Eva-Maria, the complexity of wanting a child, and the cinematic portrayal of those with disabilities.

“More female-driven scripts and more diverse main characters”

Nancy Camaldo is passionate about studying the inner lives of her characters. In order to tell better stories, the director advocates for more inclusion in the film industry.