Seen it? WATCH !T

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From crime and detective films and dramas to documentaries and comedies: to this day, more than 4,300 days of shooting and approximately 270 film projects have received funding from the South Tyrolean film fund. The new IDM WATCH !T portal now tells anyone who is interested where these films are showing. All it takes is a search request.

Thanks to WATCH !T, eleven years’ worth of interesting high-quality film projects with a connection to South Tyrol/Südtirol can now easily be found and accessed. The catalogue is updated routinely. “Our platform is aimed at experts and end consumers who are looking for a quick and convenient way to find out where the film they are looking for is currently showing. The search algorithm is geolocalised, which means it is geared to the country where you are”, says Vera Leonardelli, Director Business Development at IDM. The goal of the platform is to support and expand the visibility of the funded projects – not just at a local level but also nationally and internationally. That also means that IDM supports the funded film projects even beyond their release.

Similar platforms already exist in Germany and Austria, but in Italy, WATCH !T is the first format of this kind.


Check out WATCH !T for all the details on how to watch and look up projects.


Published on 26.10.2022