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This year, the IDM script lab RACCONTI once again provides a platform for the authors and producers chosen by a panel of experts to finalise the script, work out strong production and distribution strategies, and find the right coproducers and investors. Last week, the first of a total of three workshops was held at the Waaghaus in Bolzano/Bozen.

This time, all participating projects in RACCONTI #11 are by female directors. Idda (IT) is a feature film by Irene Dionisio, who wrote the script together with Marco Borromei; the producer is Giovanni Pompili (Kino Produzioni, Rome). The film follows two girlfriends on their journey to Mount Etna, exploring questions of femininity and the connection between two women along the way. Confusia (IT) by director Cecilia Bozza Wolf, produced by Roberto Cavallini (Albolina Film, Bolzano/Bozen), tells the story of three drag queens who find themselves ending up in a woodcutting competition in a small mountain village. In the third feature film, The Last Summer (PT), directed by Fernanda Polacow and produced by Andreia Nunes (Wonder Maria Filmes, Lisbon), a family must overcome adversities in order to protect the deceased father’s farm against an uncertain future.

In three workshops, international industry experts will provide advice and guidance in group talks and one-on-one sessions. Each section will include individual writing phases. Script tutor Eszter Angyalosy (screen writer and story editor) will support the participants in the creation of the final draft. Producer Eilon Ratzkovsky will share his experience in the film industry and in production in the form of individual feedback. Angelica Cantisani will be on hand with help and advice as creative advisor. Numerous other tutors will offer tailored expertise in the second and third workshops to make sure that the film projects will succeed. The first workshop has already been completed while the second and third will be held next year, from 17 to 21 January and in March 2023 respectively. RACCONTI #11 will conclude with the pitches of the feature film projects at the IDM film conference INCONTRI.

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Published on 01.11.2022