Turning an idea into a finished film script

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Call for entries: This year marks the eleventh edition of the IDM Script Lab RACCONTI. Film-makers from around the world can apply.

New approaches for storytelling in motion pictures: In 2022/23, the IDM Script Lab RACCONTI once again sets itself the task of creating room for aspiring talents and fostering an exclusive, creative process.

For this eleventh edition, RACCONTI will once again select three projects that are currently in development and that will use the program to consolidate and fine-tune their respective ideas. Important application criteria include originality and quality as well as reflections regarding production perspectives.

RACCONTI #11 | IDM Script Lab comprises three workshops focusing on project management, financing opportunities and strategies, and building up marketing and sales strategies, which will take place in October 2022 as well as in January and March 2023. By working in small groups and benefiting from one-on-ones with experts, the participants will develop and implement instructions custom-tailored to their projects. Between the workshops, the teams, consisting each of a writer/director and a producer, will continue working on their projects in individual writing phases. The main tutors running RACCONTI #11 are the script consultant Ester Angyalosy and the production tutor Eilon Ratzkowsky. Angelica Cantisani will be heading the program as creative advisor.

Following the workshops, the projects – including the final drafts of the scripts and the production and sales strategies developed in the course of the program – will be pitched at the INCONTRI film conference in March 2023.


Click here for more information and application details.

The application deadline is May 27th, 2022 (12 noon)

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Published on 08.03.2022