New projects wanted for the IDM script lab

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Exclusive workshops on the development of selected feature film projects: At RACCONTI #12, the IDM script lab will once again explore new approaches in storytelling, aided by top-class international experts. Apply now!

The focus is on supporting up-and-coming talents from all over the world who are currently developing exciting projects and who are ready and willing to work on strengthening and optimising their ideas – together with top-class international experts. Teams of two (consisting of an author or director with screenwriting experience and a producer) may apply.

RACCONTI #12 consists of three workshops and a writing phase between each. The first workshop (in early November 2023) will be about project development. In the second workshop (January 2023 (virtual)), the teams’ producers will seek out funding options and strategies while the authors/directors will continue working on the script.

The last workshop will be all about building a marketing and distribution strategy. At the end, the teams will present a final draft of the script together with a production and distribution strategy. The programme will end with a pitch at the INCONTRI #13 film conference (scheduled for March 2024), giving the filmmakers the chance to attract co-producers and possible financing partners for their projects.

The application phase for RACCONTI #12 will end at midnight on 24 April 2023.

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Foto (c) Anna Cerrato
Published on 13.02.2023