INCONTRI #12: New momentum for the industry

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From 29 to 31 March, the Merano Kurhaus in South Tyrol/Alto Adige hosted the 12th edition of IDM’s Film Conference INCONTRI. Offering plenty of opportunity for networking and exchange, the 2023 conference attracted approx. 100 decision-makers from the film, TV, and streaming industries. A review.

For twelve years now, IDM’s Film Conference INCONTRI has been a platform dedicated to the film markets of Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, bringing together filmmakers from all over the world. And the 2023 edition once again offered plenty of opportunity for networking and to compare notes on the most recent developments, trends, and challenges.

On 30 March, Erwin Hinteregger, CEO IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige, and Birgit Oberkofler, head of the South Tyrolean Film Fund & Commission, officially opened the Film Conference. The first speech of the conference was given by Italian producer Simone Gattoni (Kavac Film), who illustrated new chances for film producers and introduced his film Esterno notte.

Under the motto “Less is More – What to Do When the Streaming Boom is Over”, the first conference day started with the keynote discussion with Andrea Scrosati (COO/CEO Continental Europe, Fremantle) highlighting the latest successes and strategies of Fremantle. Carlotta Calori (Managing Partner, Indigo Film), Kristin Derfler (author/showrunner), Gudny Hummelvoll (CEO, Hummelfilm/President European Producers Club) and Giulia Casavecchia (Head of Sales, True Colours Glorious Films) reflected on the same issue during the subsequent panel discussion.

The afternoon saw the pitches of the IDM Script Lab RACCONTI #11 alumnae and alumni: Idda by Irene Dionisio (prod. Kino Produzioni) tells the story of a friendship, The Last Summer by João Nuno Pinto (prod. Wonder Maria Filmes) looks into family dynamics, and Confusia by Cecilia Bozza Wolf (prod. Albolina Film) accompanies three drag queens to a village in the Alps.

The focus of international co-production was the MENA region. Panelists Hanna Atallah (founder, Palestine Film Lab), Marianne Khoury (producer, Misr International Films/founder of Dahshur Residence), Amjad Abu Alala (director/producer, Station Films), Amal Ramsis (director, Klaketa Árabe & founder Women Filmmakers’ Caravan) and Georges Schourcair (producer, Abbout Productions) gave fascinating insights into the region as a film location and requirements for co-production. The panel was moderated by Ayman El Amir (producer/script consultant, Felucca Films) and Vincenzo Bugno (Head of World Cinema Fund, Berlinale, Artistic Director, Bolzano Film Festival). A visit to Castle Tyrol rounded off the first conference day.

Austrian film funding was the first item on the agenda of Day 2: Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu (Managing Director, Amour Fou Film, Chairman, Film and Music Business, Austrian Economic Chambers) and Werner Zappe (ÖFI, Projects & Promotion of Young Talents, Austrian Film Institute) presented the new funding model introduced at the beginning of the year. Two case studies followed next: Mario Gianani (CEO, Wildside) and Karin Annell (Head of int. Business Affairs, Wildside) introduced Acht Berge, and Sarah Born (Catpics), John Lueftner, and Samuel Schultschik (Superfilm) gave insights into the creative process behind the School of Champions series from one of the early editions of RACCONTI Script Lab.


We would like to thank everyone who attended for making the conference so special!

Foto (c) Anna Cerrato
Published on 03.04.2023