From crime-comedy to fantasy films, South Tyrol is at the centre of international productions in the second funding call of the year

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The selection for the second funding call of the year is as diverse as it is cosmopolitan, consisting of two productions from Germany, six from Italy (of which four are from South Tyrol), and one production each from Austria and Great Britain. Four feature films, two documentaries, two short film projects and two series are set to use the impressive backdrop of South Tyrol as a film location on some 77 shooting days. Many of the projects will be realised as co-productions involving several countries.

The historical drama WILHELM TELL, directed by Nick Hamm, tells the story of a dramatic struggle for freedom. The family-friendly fantasy film WOODWALKERS by Damian John Harper likewise promises to have viewers gripping their seats as it follows shapeshifter Carag on the quest to find his destiny. In HAPPYLAND, by director Evi Romen, a musician is forced to confront her past, whilst the biopic LA VALANGA AZZURRA, directed by Giovanni Veronesi, traces the remarkable success story of the Italian national ski team. Dramatic scenes are assured by Rheinhold Messner’s documentary K2 – DER GROSSE BERG, which provides new insights into the first ascent of the mountain and is one of two documentaries in the round to receive production funding, alongside SMACH by Timian Hopf.

AXIS, a thriller series from Sven Bohse, recounts the tale of a former neo-Nazi, whilst viewers of CONFUSIA, a crime caper by director Cecilia Bozza Wolf, follow the inadvertent detective story of a group of drag queens. IDM Südtirol is supporting both of these projects during the pre-production stage.

For this year’s second funding call, project development support has been granted to the animated drama UNA MEMORIA by director Constanza Lettieri, and to the bilingual documentary film MOUSSA & RITA from Andrea Costa.

The 3rd funding date for this year is 19.09.2023


Foto Lorenzo Fabiano
Published on 26.06.2023