Alumni Mentoring Programme - Call for Applications

IDM Film Fund & Commission wants to ascribe greater value to its RACCONTI Alumni network, which is continuously growing, giving rise to interesting projects and ideas. 

The main objective of this offer is to give our Alumni the tools for taking their project to the next stage. Every RACCONTI Alumni is given the opportunity to apply for one mentoring topic with one of the mentors (TBC). The mentors will cover these different topics:

  • Rewriting/Writing the final draft
  • Production design
  • Production

Each mentoring activity should last a total of 6 hours. The dates and times will be defined individually, together with the mentors. The sessions will take place digitally, and mentor and mentee can choose the digital platform they wish to use. 


1. Who may apply?

RACCONTI Alumni can apply individually or in teams (maximum 2 people per team, where both partners must be members of the RACCONTI Alumni network). Each individual or alumni team may submit only one project.
It is advantageous if the project for which the team applies to be mentored already has links to an independent producer or production company (does not have to be from South Tyrol) and/or has the potential to be filmed in South Tyrol. These, however, are not selection criteria.
A total of three projects will be chosen.


2. Mentoring topics

Topic 1: Rewriting/Writing the Final Draft
This mentoring activity focuses on writing the next or final draft of the script. The single participant or the team is guided by a script consultant to take their already solid script to the next level.

Possible consultants/mentors:


Topic 2: Production Design
This mentoring topic focuses on collaboration between authors and production designers. During the meeting, they will analyse and build the script world and its surroundings as the story takes shape.


The names of the possible consultants/mentors will be communicated soon!


Topic 3: Production
During this mentoring activity, participants will learn how to approach producers for their project. Additionally, they will receive tips and feedback on their pitching skills.

Possible consultants/mentors:


3. How to apply

Applications are open until: May 9th, 2021
Please apply through this link.


3.1 Application material (except for the script, all documents must be submitted in English)

Cover letter (1-page max.): Introduce your project. Explain which mentoring topic and mentor you are applying for and why. Briefly outline what stage your project is at, where you are in the creative process, and how you think the type of mentoring you have chosen can be helpful to you.
Synopsis (1-page max.): A brief summary of your project, including all major characters, the story points and the ending.
The full script (current draft)
Evidence that the necessary rights of exploitation of the work have been acquired (in the case of a non-original concept)
Materials indicating the audio-visual approach: still pictures, video mood board, etc. (optional)


3.2 Selection criteria

IDM Film Fund & Commission reserves the right to analyse and evaluate all applications. The evaluation will be carried out by three members from IDM Film Fund & Commission. The jury will evaluate the application on the basis of the formal criteria, the degree of completeness of the application material as well as the content of the application.


3.3 The evaluation process

1. Formal evaluation of application material:
The applicant will pass the formal evaluation if the application is submitted on or before communicated deadline and if the application material is complete.

2. Selection on the basis of the content:
The evaluation process follows a thorough analysis of the application material.
The evaluation scale starts at 0 and ends at max. 10. 
0 – 10: cover letter (project introduction, mentoring goals, choice of mentor)
0 – 10: synopsis and full script (good structure, solid characters, interesting conflict, consistent through line)

The highest score for each candidate (or team) equals 20 points.


The three alumni (or alumni teams) whose applications gain the highest scores will be informed and will receive the mentoring. The reasons for selection or non-selection will not be disclosed or discussed.

This initiative is offered by IDM Film Fund & Commission at no cost for the participants.