Tommaso Capolicchio - RACCONTI #3

Tommaso Capolicchio was born in Rome in 1972. After attending the Rai-Script screenwriting course, he spent the first ten years of his career working on one of the most successful family series in Italy, Un medico in famiglia. In the following years, he went on to write several TV movies. He relishes the challenge of working with different formats and genres; in fact, he frequently switches from radio to theatre, books and short films. He has also published some novels: the dark comedy Il club delle piccole morti and the international thriller L’infiltrato.



›› Crimes – Little Dream | TV movie | Rodeo Drive Media, Rai Fiction | writer

›› Due mamme di troppo | TV movie and TV series | R.T.I., Mediaset | writer

›› Being Good at Mikles | short film | Misami Film, Verdecchi Film | writer