Steve Hudson - RACCONTI #3

Steve Hudson was born in London and grew up in England and South America. After writing, directing and acting extensively during his time as a student at the University of Cambridge, he worked in theatre in Italy, Cuba, Belgium and London. In 1995, love brought Steve to Germany, and he is now based in Cologne, where he has a family. It was in Germany that he first began working in TV and film, acting, writing and directing for a variety of dramas and comedies for both the small and large screen. He is the founder of the Cologne-based production company Gringo Films and is responsible for the development of a variety of productions with a diverse range of partner countries (Japan, Israel, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Italy). He also pursues his own work as a screenwriter.



›› Cranford | TV series | BBC | co-director

›› True North | feature film | Ariel Films, Makar Productions, Samson Films | writer, director

›› Goodbye | short film | Rosebud Films | writer, director