Stephan Greitemeier - RACCONTI #7

Born in Essen, Germany, Stephan Greitemeier studied Literature, Art and Media Sciences at the University of Constance. During this time, he ran Campus TV and created the animated series die bächelors and the weekly student comedy soap Am Schmerzenmösle. After writing two comedy films for a Swiss production, he was hired to work on the successful German sitcom Switch Reloaded. He conceived and wrote the first season of Genius & Evil, the world’s first interactive sitcom. Stephan continues to write for TV comedy shows like Leider lustig or Comedy Central News, while also contributing to online formats such as Bohemian Browser Ballet and Deutschland 3000.



›› Comedy Central News | satirical news format | Viacom | staff writer

›› Leider lustig | TV comedy | Warner Bros. ITVP | staff writer

›› Phoenix | short film | writer