Laura Tamoj - RACCONTI #6

Laura Tamoj has always been fascinated by how and why stories work. To find it out, she studied Film, Theater and Literature at the University of Hildesheim, focusing specifically on popular culture. Since then, she has gathered experience writing for a multitude of genres and formats – anything from legal dramedy (Beck is Back) to interactive romantic comedy (MyLove: Make Your Choice). In doing so, she has discovered what makes her heart beat faster for a story: complex, morally dubious characters, queer love stories told casually and honestly, and a good chunk of human warmth and humor.



›› We Are Family | TV series | Katapult Film, ZDFneo | writers’ room

›› Match Made In Heaven | TV series | Gebhard Productions | writer

›› Beck is Back | TV series | UFA Fiction, RTL | writers’ room







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