Klaus Wolfertstetter - RACCONTI #3

Born (1977) and raised in Munich, Klaus Wolfertstetter began working for production companies and local newspapers as a junior editor and writer, later becoming a copy writer for an advertising agency based in Cologne. He stayed in Cologne to study Screenwriting at the IFS – International Film School and graduated with a BA in 2005. Since then, he has written and co-written feature films and episodes for TV series. He recently created (with J.M. Scharf and A. Nolting) and wrote the TV series Wild Republic, which was shot in South Tyrol. He also devise and wrote a series of young adult novels entitled Die Klasse, which were published by the German publishing house Thienemann Verlag.



›› Wild Republic | TV series | magenta TV, ARD | creator (with Scharf & Nolting), writer

›› Milk & Honey | TV series | VOX | head writer 

›› Letzte Spur Berlin | TV series | head writer of season 11 (with P. Klehmet) and multiple episodes