Kevin Napier - RACCONTI #7

At the beginning of his career, Kevin Napier was a TV and film editor, editing award-winning features and documentaries. He has developed TV shows for Fox, ABC, NBC, Amazon and Showtime. He was the creator and co-executive producer for the Fox pilot The Station, starring John Goodman and executive produced by Ben Stiller. He also wrote for the FX show Married for two seasons. Holding degrees in both Film and Television and Political Science from the New York University, he is interested in the nexus between film and geopolitics. This has led him to independently produce and direct short documentaries in Northern Ireland and Nicaragua as well as a comedy TV pilot in India. Having recently established a base in Berlin, he is continuing to create projects in both Europe and the US.



›› Family Incident | Fox TV | creator, writer, executive producer

›› Faithless | Showtime Network/VIACOM | creator, writer, executive producer

›› The Pat Hobby Stories | Amazon | co-writer, executive producer






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