Karsten Treber - RACCONTI #2

Karsten Treber was born in Germany in 1975. After receiving a scholarship for a study year in Toronto, he graduated with his PhD thesis Auf Abwegen – Episodisches Erzählen im Film (On the Way Out – Episodic Narration in Film). Internships at the ZDF, Bavaria Media and several publishing houses led to him freelancing as a script editor and as a book scout for Yellow Bird Pictures.



›› Celebration of Flight | documentary | Lombardo Films, ZDF/ARTE | script editor

›› Liebe geht durch den Magen | TV movie | Solaris, Bavaria Film, ARD | supervising editor

›› Der Wunschbaum | TV miniseries | Bavaria Film, ARD, ORF | supervising editor of the two-part version