Donatella Diamanti - RACCONTI #2

After studying Italian Literature at university, Donatella Diamanti worked as a researcher at the Italian Institute of the University of Pisa and at the Institute of Renaissance Studies in Ferrara. She collaborated with Fondazione Sipario Toscana for years before becoming its artistic director in 2012. Over the last fifteen years, she has mainly written for Italian TV series such as La squadra (Rai 3), Medicina generale (Rai 1) and Un posto al sole (Rai 3). She also writes for theatre, cinema and newspapers and has published novels and short stories.



›› The Sea Purple | feature film | Italian Dreams Factory, Medusa | writer

›› Le due facce dell’amore | TV series | Grundy Italia, Canale 5 | head writer

›› La squadra (seasons 7-8) | TV series | Rai 3 | head writer