Tensione Superficiale

Tensione Superficiale

Giovanni Aloi, 2017

A young Italian mother is living a life of part-time prostitution in Austria, unbeknownst to her friends and family. Everything seems to be going well until her secret is discovered.

The wrath of the small mountain community where she lives is then unleashed against her - it also affects her son, and reveals all the hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness that hover over the apparent still- ness of`the village.

Through this excruciating process, the woman will succeed in leading her son and her partner to an unex- pected growth: in the face of the violence poured out against her, the two will learn to accept the woman she is, and to accept each other, as, together, they find their place in the world.

Production details
Director: Giovanni Aloi
Writer: Giovanni Aloi, Nicolò Galbiati, Heidrun Schleef
Genre: Drama
Production company: Ombre Rosse Film Production Srl., Cagliari
In coproduction with: Chic Films sàrl, Paris
Funding type: Production
Funding sum: 350.000,00 €